New EU Report on the implementation of the Soil Thematic
Strategy and ongoing activities.
On 13th February 2012 the Commission adopted a report on 'The implementation of the Soil Thematic Strategy and ongoing activities', COM(2012) 46, available 
in all EU official languages under ... This report is supported by a JRC reference report on 'The State of Soil in Europe', EUR 25186 EN, which is available under ...
A press release is available under ...
Registrations are now open for attending the conference 'Soil remediation and soil sealing' that the Commission organises on 10th and 11th May 2012 in Brussels.
The conference objective is to highlight the importance of tackling soil contamination at an early stage and the opportunities that that offers to the European
remediation industry. Moreover, it will underline how addressing contaminated sites and brownfields can be helpful in limiting land take and soil sealing,
which continues in many parts of Europe at alarming rates often at the expense of fertile agricultural lands. At the conference the Commission will present
its Soil Sealing Guidelines, which are being finalised. These guidelines are part of the Soil Thematic Strategy and will be instrumental in achieving the land
take target proposed in the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (COM(2011) 571). More information on the conference, the draft programme and the on-line registration form are available under ...
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The implementation of the Soil Thematic Strategy and ongoing activities
Posted: 14/02/2012 By: Professor Paul Bardos