Persistent Organic Pollutants, News from IHPA
POPs Newsletter  
No 22, December 2011  
Prepared on behalf of IHPA  
1.	PRESS RELEASE: Historic agreement ends 15 year deadlock over Banning North – South movements of hazardous waste  
2.	“IHPA Ambassadors for Life”  
3.	Interview with H.Es Mr. Gheorghe Salaru, Minister of Environment of the Republic of Moldova  
4.	Interview of Minister of Ecology & Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan H.E. Huseyn Bagirov  
5.	Statement at the closing session - the 11th International Forum of HCH and Pesticides  
6.	THE GABALA DECLARATION of 11th International HCH and Pesticides Forum  
7.	GEF STAP Advisory Document on “Selection of Persistent Organic Pollutant Disposal Technology for GEF Projects”  
8.	PAH in food items and other environmental media in Brazil.  
9.	FAO to Study Alternatives to Endosulfan Pesticide  
10.	Status for obsolete pesticides in the former Soviet Union area - November 2011  
11.	Silent Snow, a film by Jan van den Berg and Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann  
12.	Some interesting News, Articles and Links  
13.	EECCA and SWISS Funded Public Awareness and Inventory Activities in Azerbaijan: Role of Youth Environmental Volunteering  
14.	TOT organized by PRRG of UN-FAO, Rome, at IARTC, Izmir, Turkey  
15.	Kalush Ukraine  
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Posted: 23/12/2011 By: Professor Paul Bardos