DOUT on the IWA WaterWiki
The  IWA Design Operations Uncertainty Task Group (DOUT) are now using the WaterWiki as a virtual information vault to store and share learning materials between 
group members. The DOUT group space has been recently created as an area for members, who are separated geographically, to share progress on group tasks. In addition, some
of the DOUT materials will be available to the greater IWA community by providing open-access pdf downloads of selected documents. The wiki provides the facility for groups to share information at their convenience, over restricted-access areas, boosting the opportunity for group
communication while still allowing materials to remain confidential. The group chair, Evangelina Belia, wanted to create a space where both the working and review groups assisting in the compilation of the STR could exchange
materials and where information collected by DOUT could be made available to the entire community. “During the two years that the TG has been active, we have put together a working team of 27 volunteers that are writing the material for each of the chapters
of the STR and a team of 33 expert reviewers from across 4 continents. We have organized five workshops, published papers, compiled an extensive literature
review on the topic of uncertainty and reached out to other water resources disciplines to discuss a consensus on how to incorporate explicit uncertainty evaluations
in our projects. Having a location that allows us to access and exchange all this information but most importantly showcase it to the rest of our colleagues is crucial to the
success of our efforts. We would like to use WaterWiki as our workspace but also as an educational tool that conveys our collected knowledge to the greater public.
This is especially important for material that will not be included in the STR such as the discussions documented during workshop feedback sessions” Links: Information on how to set up a group space on the WaterWiki ... Wiki Group Space area ... DOUT on the IWA Website ... The WaterWiki Blog ...
Posted: 18/11/2011 By: Miss Chloe Parker