Global Soil Partnership
The Global Soil Partnership (GSP) was launched at the FAO headquarters, Rome on 7 - 9th September 2011.  
In introducing the partnership FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf warned that pressure on the world's soil resources and land degradation are threatening 
global food security. He called for a renewed international effort to assure sufficient fertile and healthy soils today and for future generations. The pressures for land dictate that we must address the fact that current markets favour bringing into use those soils which provide the greatest economic
return over short time scales without due consideration of the longer term costs of degrading these non-renewable soil resources. Many of the problems we face
today have occurred because this was not properly considered in past land use and natural resource use planning. We must learn from the past and not make the same
mistakes again. For further information click here: ...
Posted: 08/09/2011 By: Professor Paul Bardos