Remediation biotechnology firm announces the introduction
of EHC-L, the next member of the EHC® family of In Situ
Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) products.
Adventus Americas Inc. (Adventus), a leading provider of technology for soil, sediment, and groundwater remediation is proud to introduce  EHC-L, the next 
member of the EHC® family of In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR™) products. EHC-L is a stable, concentrated, buffered, emulsion of controlled-release, food-grade carbon, nutrients, and iron designed for on-site dilution with
cold water. It is readily emplaced through wells or hydraulic networks to support in situ treatment of a wide range of groundwater contaminants. Dr. Alan Seech, Chief Executive Officer of Adventus, stated “EHC-L brings the proven advantages of our combined chemical/biological ISCR chemistry to
groundwater remediation professionals who prefer a substrate that can be injected through wells. It has a number of technical advantages over carbon-alone
substrates.' Dr. Stephen Koenigsberg, Vice President of Adventus, added “A special feature of EHC-L is its ability to be more broadly distributed at the outset which in
turn sets up an important treatment dynamic. The iron moiety of EHC-L enables deposition of reactive mineral precipitates on the aquifer matrix downgradient
of the application points to establish a secondary reactive zone based on an “electron shuttle”. This provides a long-lived source of effective, abiotic ISCR
activity through a ferrous-ferric cycle that is driven by simple background carbon, even after the amount provided by EHC-L is attenuated”. EHC products are used to treat soil and groundwater contaminated with organic constituents amenable to anaerobic bioremediation processes and abiotic
dechlorination reactions, including chlorinated solvents, energetics and pesticides/herbicides. EHC-L can also control dissolved phase heavy metals
by promoting their conversion to insoluble forms. Adventus pioneered the technology now known as ISCR for both in situ and ex-situ remediation of soil more than 15 years ago. The technology has also been widely
applied for in-situ groundwater treatment, enabling significant advancement in contaminant removal efficiency. The EHC family of products that drove this
advancement is now joined by EHC-L. For further technical details please visit the dedicated portal on our web site -
Posted: 09/05/2011 By: Mr Mike Mueller