Special Edition FP7 Financial Helpdesk Newsletter
No 36
Changes to FP7 Grant Agreements:  
Why is simplifying research funding important?  
How did the rules get so complicated in the first place?  
What are the main changes being made now?  
How does the reimbursement of personnel costs work? Can you give an example of how it will change?  
How much money will these changes save?  
How much time will these measures save?  
Will existing projects be affected by the changes, or only new ones?  
Why has it taken since April to bring these changes forward?  
How will the Commission ensure that these changes do not lead to a risk of reducing effective financial control?  
Do these changes fully reflect the recommendations of the Mid-Term Evaluation?  
What progress has been made towards simplification so far?  
Will there be more changes before the end of FP7?   
What kind of changes can we expect under the next research programme?   
Why not make some of these changes now?  
What is Tolerable Risk of Error?   
Financial Viability Check tool v4 Available  
Upcoming Finance Helpdesk Workshops  
LINK: http://www.finance-helpdesk.org/front/Sh ... 
Posted: 25/01/2011 By: Professor Paul Bardos