EarthSoft Hosts EQuIS at MIVITEC in Germany
EarthSoft Hosts EQuIS at MIVITEC in Germany  
October 18, 2010: EarthSoft announced today the selection of MIVITEC of Munich, Germany, for the provision of its critical server infrastructure for EQuIS 
Online, Help Desk and Support infrastructure operations in Germany and Europe. EarthSoft already has a server in the UK. EarthSoft’s EQuIS software is the most widely used in the world for environmental data management, with many government and industrial clients, as well
as most large consultants and nearly all top labs. As well as hosting EQuIS for many clients, EarthSoft supplies free hosted “sandboxes” for all Enterprise
implementations and now may better support these large European clients and projects. Mitch Beard, CEO of EarthSoft, said 'We are pleased to announce the selection of MIVITEC for hosted EQuIS for our clients and support activities in mainland
Europe. We continue to scale up our infrastructure rapidly in response to increased sales. More EQuIS Enterprise hosted clients can be brought on more quickly
and very inexpensively. In particular, EarthSoft thanks Golder Associates, Arcadis, and SGS, for their recent EQuIS orders and upgrades.' Alex Mirsky, CEO of MIVITEC, added, 'We are extremely proud EarthSoft has selected our company for its critical server infrastructure in Europe'. As one
of the leading business hosting providers in Germany, MIVITEC can guarantee EarthSoft's applications are highly available. Co-operations with tier-1 carriers
and global players like Level(3) and German Telekom allows us to provide very high scalability.' MIVITEC is running 3 data centers in Munich (Bavaria / Germany) with its own BGP4 routing. It offers a wide range of hosting services - from co-location to cloud
services, managed application hosting and IPTV infrastructures. EarthSoft sales in Europe have grown rapidly in 2009 and 2010, and large Oracle and SQL Server implementations require hosted web dashboards and sandboxes
for testing, training and phased implementations. EQuIS can be licensed, or hosted. Thousands of environmental laboratories, consultants, and other organizations processing thousands of electronic data delivery (EDD) submissions
each year use EQuIS EDP and Enterprise EDP. EDP checks many varieties of EDDs. Sample Planning Module automates the preparation of chain of custodies (CoCs)
and bottle labels, with an included Completeness Checker. EarthSoft’s EDGE links to data loggers and sensors for the warehousing of real-time and time-series
environmental data. EQuIS for ArcGIS Server provides EQuIS integration with ESRI's web GIS. EQuIS is all .NET, available in both Oracle and SQL Server. EarthSoft is Microsoft Gold Certified, delivering state-of-the-art products, Help Desk, and
consulting services in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. EarthSoft information: please visit or email For further information on MIVITEC, please visit or email
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EarthSoft Hosts EQuIS at MIVITEC in Germany
Posted: 10/11/2010 By: Mr Mitchell Beard