INSPIRE Data and Service Sharing Guidelines published
Access to spatial data and services constitutes an important basis for environmental policies for all public authorities and is therefore a central aspect 
of the Infrastructure for spatial information in the European Community. Since the Community institutions and bodies in most cases have to integrate and assess
spatial information from all the Member States, INSPIRE recognizes the need to be able to gain access to and use spatial data and spatial data services in accordance
with an agreed set of harmonised conditions. This Guidance document has been drafted to assist Member States and their public authorities as well as the Community institutions and bodies in complying
with or applying the INSPIRE Regulation on Data and Service Sharing, ‘COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 268/2010 of 29 March 2010. The purpose of the Regulation
is to establish harmonised conditions of access to spatial data sets and services for the institutions and bodies of the European Community. Link: ...
Posted: 05/05/2010 By: Professor Paul Bardos