The SOIL Technology Research Cluster
The Soil Technology Research Cluster is a new coalition of soil research projects funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research. 
The Cluster has been established in order to close the knowledge gap in different areas of soil protection including new, sustainable and cost effective remediation
technologies, monitoring technologies (modelling and empirical monitoring) and provisions on (meta)data quality, access and formats. The aim of this action
is: (i) to strengthen collaboration in the field of soil technology research; (ii) to support research and technological development in the field of soil technology
research; (iii) to increase the visibility of Soil Technology Research and (iv) enable joint dissemination to the scientific society as well as to the end users.
Recently there are three research areas grouping the research activities: (1) Digital Soil Mapping: Development and improvement of technologies for data
collection in (digital) soil mapping (iSOIL and DIGISOIL); (2) Contaminated Soil characterization: Technologies and tools for soil contamination assessment
and site characterization, towards sustainable remediation (ModelPROBE, Soilcam and IsoSoil) and (3) Soil Rehabilitation: Recovery of degraded soil resources
(AQUAREHAB, UMBRELLA and UPSOIL). The cluster will contribute to eco-innovation market perspective. More information on the Cluster is available at the
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SOIL Technology Research Cluster of Research Projects funded by the EC
Posted: 05/05/2010 By: Professor Paul Bardos