NICOLE Technology Award - Call for 2010: entries
on 'Innovative site characterisation tools'
Over the last 10 years, NICOLE has carried out multiple projects and    
organized a series of workshops, providing a discussion platform    
and a sound technical basis for risk based management of    
contaminated land. Reoccurring themes in the discussions on    
risk-based land management are sustainability and    
cost-efficiency. This year, the NICOLE Steering Group decided to    
launch a yearly technology award. This award intends to    
stimulate people to bring forward technical innovations that can    
contribute to an improved practice for contaminated land    
management in line with the NICOLE ambition. For 2010, entries    
are invited that focus on 'Innovative site characterization    
tools'. The award is open to individuals or groups of people.    
Entries from junior academics in universities or consultancy are    
especially welcome. Entries will be judged on innovation,    
potential contribution to cost savings, technical applicability    
and plans for communication and market availability. The Year    
2010 deadline is October 31st. For more information.    
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Posted: 02/05/2010 By: Professor Paul Bardos