HELP - ReLASC - Latin American Soil Protection Network
asking for help and advise on earthquake related contaminated
site topics, vulnerability, priority hazards etc.
Focal and beneficiary group:  Environmental and health authorities in Chile       
Expected help: obtain publications on the topic from Europe        
(Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey etc) and worldwide).        
Key question: how to manage environmental hazards of contaminated sites,        
enhanced by recent earthquakes,        
case of Chile: vulnerability mapping,        
management an address of priority sites and hazards,        
profile of hazards (tanks, tubulations, ponds, sanitary systems, landfills etc :        
where are the hazards, how to identify , remediate and prevent them?)        
Receiving address: Please see call in site Thanks for Your solidarity and help Andreas Marker ReLASC Management 
unit Pls. contact: My Name: Andreas Marker Email:, Telephone: 0055 11 3836 0028
Posted: 09/03/2010 By: Mr Jörg Frauenstein