NICOLE Publishes Workshop Report on 'From Site Closure
to Disengagement'
In November 2009 NICOLE held a workshop in Douai, France about site closure.  
The proceedings of this meeting are now available for download at: ...   
Historic land contamination has arisen through a variety of past practices that did not take account of the environment, including processes of industrial 
change as businesses changed on a site. These changes may have been triggered by a forced closure (for example as a result of an industry going out of business),
a planned sale or a planned relocation. These processes of change continue today. It is important that these changes to do not give rise to land contamination
of the future. Consequently disengagement from a site needs to be handled as an environmental management process. The objective of this workshop was to understand how site closure can be conducted in a smooth and effective manner. Its topics included: • Examples of remediation cases under complex site closure conditions • Cases of site closure that either went as planned or cases where there were lessons were to be learned. • Social, environmental, legal/contractual or financial aspects
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Report of the NICOLE Workshop: From Site Closure to Disengagement 18-20 November 2009, Douai, France
Posted: 06/02/2010 By: Professor Paul Bardos