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Upcoming Live Internet Seminars   
EPA NNEMS Fellowship 2010 Program Solicitation - January 8,   
2010, 1:00PM-2:30PM EST (18:00-19:30 GMT). The Environmental   
Protection Agency's National Network for Environmental   
Management Studies (NNEMS) Fellowship Program started in 1986 to   
foster a growing interest in environmental careers among higher   
education students. The competitive solicitation for the 2010   
summer program is currently open and closes on February 5, 2010   
(see ...   
Instructors for the live 1.5-hour webinar will provide an   
overview of the program, identify eligibility requirements,   
discuss the application process and the evaluation and selection   
process, highlight some of the projects in the 2010 NNEMS   
catalog, and review some of the most frequently asked questions   
by student applicants. Time will be set aside to answer   
participant questions. For more information and to register, see .   
ITRC Use of Risk Assessment in Management of Contaminated Sites   
- January 12, 2010, 2:00PM-4:15PM EST (19:00-21:15 GMT). This   
training course identifies how various risk-based approaches and   
criteria are applied throughout the processes of screening,   
characterization, and management of contaminated sites. The   
training course and associated overview document, Use of Risk   
Assessment in Management of Contaminated Sites (RISK-2, 2008),   
are intended for risk assessors and project managers involved   
with the characterization, remediation, and/or re-use of sites.   
The training and overview document provide a valuable tool for   
federal and state regulatory agencies to demonstrate how site   
data collection, risk assessment, and risk management may be   
better integrated. For more information and to register, see or .   
ITRC Perchlorate Remediation Technologies - January 14, 2010,   
11:00AM-1:15PM EST (16:00-18:15 GMT). This training introduces   
state regulators, environmental consultants, site owners, and   
community stakeholders to Remediation Technologies for   
Perchlorate Contamination in Water and Soil (PERC-2, 2008),   
created by ITRC's Perchlorate Team to assist reviewers in   
assessing the adequacy of perchlorate remediation projects. This   
course gives the student a background in the available   
remediation technologies to treat perchlorate contamination,   
discusses emerging technologies, and presents case studies of   
applications. For more information and to register, see or .   
ESTCP Funding Opportunities Webinar, January 15, 1:00PM-2:00PM   
EST (18:00-19:00 GMT). This webinar will provide a summary of   
the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program   
(ESTCP) funding opportunities for innovative environmental and   
energy technology demonstrations. This 'how to play' briefing   
will offer valuable information for those who wish to understand   
the ESTCP solicitation process and new funding opportunities.   
The ESTCP solicitation is scheduled to be released on January 7,   
2010 and attendees may use the seminar to ask general questions   
about the solicitation. The ESTCP web site   
( will provide the topic areas and   
pre-proposal instructions for the ESTCP Solicitation once   
released. Pre-registration for this webinar is required.   
Go to to register. If you   
have any difficulties registering, please contact Jonathan   
Bunger in the Program Office at or   
by telephone at 703-696-2126.   
Taking to the Superfund Skies: A Look at the Academy of Model   
Aeronautics and Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Partnership -   
Your Input for Future Directions - January 21, 2010,   
2:00PM-4:00PM EST (19:00-21:00 GMT). This seminar will highlight   
the partnership between the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative   
(SRI) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Since 2005,   
this partnership has linked AMA with interested Superfund   
communities, providing much-needed flying fields for   
aeromodelers and responsible long-term stewards for Superfund   
sites. EPA and AMA presenters will discuss how the partnership   
came about and how it has evolved since its inception. The   
majority of the webinar will focus on stories of specific sites   
that currently serve as flying fields. Presenters will offer   
insights into factors allowed for the site's reuse, the role   
each party involved (AMA Club, EPA, and site owner) played and   
continues to play at the site, impacts of the site's reuse on   
the community, and key benefits of the reuse of these sites. For   
more information and to register, see .   
Superfund Research Program Strategic Planning - Your Input for   
Future Directions - January 25, 2010, 2:00PM-4:00PM EST   
(19:00-21:00 GMT). The Superfund Research Program (SRP) funds   
basic and applied research addressing health effects, risk   
assessment, detection and remediation of hazardous substances.   
After over 20 years of progress, the SRP is undergoing a   
strategic planning process to develop a framework for   
prioritization of activities over the next 5-10 years and to   
enhance the impact of the Program. The purpose of this   
information session is to receive input from SRP's stakeholders   
about the future direction of the Program. The session will   
feature a moderated discussion period framed by a series of   
questions addressing the scope of SRP science, training,   
translation, and outreach. We encourage participation by   
officials from sister Superfund agencies US EPA and ATSDR, as   
well as representatives of local, state, tribal governments,   
non-profit organizations, universities, and practicing   
environmental professionals. For more information and to   
register, see .   
Implementation of Triad for Petroleum Brownfield's Cleanup and   
Reuse - January 26, 2010, 12:00PM-1:30PM EST (17:00-18:30 GMT).   
This presentation features the redevelopment of a former   
Petroleum Bulk Terminal into residential reuse in Alexandria,   
VA. The site operated as a fuel depot since the late 1800's.   
Environmental work began in the early 1980's with a reported   
release. In the early 2000's, the Triad philosophy was adopted.   
The property has since been redeveloped into town homes and   
flats with a below-grade parking structure. The discussion will   
include the process from investigation up to redevelopment and   
the perspective of State DEQ and City Office of Environmental   
Quality. For more information and to register, see .   
ITRC Performance-based Environmental Management - January 26,   
2010, 2:00PM-4:15PM EST (19:00-21:15 GMT). Performance-based   
environmental management (PBEM) is a strategic, goal-oriented   
methodology that i 
Posted: 02/01/2010 By: Professor Paul Bardos