Common Forum Meeting Report - Helsinki, September
The Common Forum on Contaminated Land in Europe (so called Common Forum) met in Helsinki in September 2009, back to back with the ICCL 2009 meeting ( 
Several issues were discussed during this autumn 2009 meeting: - the survey of the European Directives (Draft directive on Soil Protection, Industrial Emissions Directive –soil related issues, Revision of the Waste
Directive – soil related issues, Mining wastes Directive (2006/021/EC), renewable energies Directive - 2009/0016/EC) - the update of the legal framework in European Member States (new questionnaire to be filled in by country representatives for March 2010). All country
answers will be available in Spring 2010 on the CF website. - the elaboration of a Joint Statement Paper on Demonstration programmes with NICOLE, - the potential funding via Interreg IVc for bringing new countries in the network. Presentations and minutes are available on the Common Forum website
Posted: 13/10/2009 By: Professor Paul Bardos