OECD Global Forum on Eco-Innovation
The OECD Global Forum on Eco-Innovation will take place on 4-5 November 2009    
in the OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France. The Forum has three    
related objectives:   
•Take stock of what we know on policies to support eco-innovation    
(based on work done at the OECD and elsewhere)   
•Discuss policy challenges. Four main policy challenges have been    
identified so far:   
•How to make environment and innovation policies mutually    
•How to induce eco-innovation in the most effective way?   
•How to support the diffusion of eco-innovation, in particular to    
developing countries?   
•What are the consequences of the economic crisis and the stimulus    
packages on the existing policies and instruments?   
•Contribute to the OECD Innovation Strategy.   
The Forum is free of charge.  information on the programme, registration etc is available from:   
http://www.oecd.org/environment/innova ... 
Posted: 29/08/2009 By: Professor Paul Bardos