FP7 collaborators wanted in KBBE.-2010.1.-2-03:
Sustainable water resources management (WRM) and
soil fertility conservation for food production
in Africa - SICA (Africa)
Dr. Magdi Abdelhamid, , http://nrc.academia.edu/MagdiAbdelhamid; is looking for collaborators in the FP7 call: KBBE.2010.1.2-03: 
Sustainable water resources management and Soil fertility conservation for food production in Africa - SICA (Africa). Dr. Magdi.T. Abdelhamid is an Associate Research Professor of National Research centre, Botany Department, Cairo, Egypt, where he has been attached to
NRC from 1991 until present. Previously he awarded his PhD degree from Gifu University, Japan and he pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Western
Australia, Australia. His main concern is increasing crop production, especially in arid areas. He is analyzing mechanism of abiotic stresses tolerance and improvement of crop
production. He currently coordinating two important projects, 1) National grant 2007-: 'Food grain legumes with improved tolerance to salinity and drought
for sustainable production in Egypt'. 2) International with France 2008- 'Adaptation of the symbiosis rhizobia-bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) to the deficiency
in phosphorus: agro-physiological characterization of the tolerance and incidence on the P biodisponibility in soils of Egypt'. He has published several
articles in international referred journals and has been invited in different International Congresses and Conferences in sustainable water management
and soil conservation. His field research areas in soil-water-nutrient management includes: (i) soil management and conservation for sustainable agriculture and environment.
This includes combating desertification, soil erosion assessment, soil fertility enhancement, fertilisers, evaluation and soil conservation measures;
(ii) technologies and practices for sustainable use and management of water in agriculture. This includes optimising irrigation systems and enhancing crop
water productivity and water use efficiency under rainfed and irrigated agro-ecosystems); and (iii) integrated soil-plant management packages to increase
crop productivity in harsh environments. This includes an integrated skills and expertise between soil-plant scientists and plant breeding scientists
to optimise productivity and quality of crop varieties developed for growing under harsh conditions brought about by climate change and variability. NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTRE (NRC) Is the largest multidisciplinary R&D centre in Egypt devoted to basic and applied research within the major fields of interest.
NRC possesses an impressive scientific & technological infrastructure and man power resources of 4300 research staff. NRC Consists of 13 divisions and106
departments covering the major areas of industry, health, environment, agriculture, basic sciences and engineering. NRC Is headed by a president with ministerial
status, assisted by two vice presidents, one for research and the other for technical affairs.
Posted: 06/08/2009 By: Dr Magdi Abdelhamid