Rejuvenate Conference: Brownfields, Renewables,
Carbon and Recycling Organic Matter – A Great Opportunity
- 26th May 2009, Reading, UK
The European 'Rejuvenate' project investigated the feasibility of a range of possible approaches to combining risk based land management (RBLM) with non-food 
crop land uses and organic matter reuse as appropriate. It developed a decision support tool to identify marginal land for biomass reuse opportunities in the
UK, Germany and Sweden; assessed how verification of their performance might be carried out, and identified what requirements remain for future research,
development and demonstration. You are cordially invited to the project’s final conference. I hope that you will be able to come along. The programme and registration for this important
meeting are now available at: ... Please feel free to send this information on to any colleagues or contacts
you feel may be interested. The programme and registration information are also attached below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries via Dora Gombos, Event Manager, Speakers at the conference will be from the Rejuvenate team, Environment Agency, The Energy Crops Company, the BioRegen project, Ecosecurities Ltd, C-Cure
Solutions (Forest Research and University of Surrey) and the Homes and Communities Agency. The conference will also be linked via web cast to speakers from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Talks will be on the kinds of products can be produced from biomass, the wider green remediation
opportunity using renewables to pay for land management and reduce fossil fuel dependence; the opportunity for linkage between biomass re-use of land and
initiatives for green remediation, sustainable construction and carbon neutral housing and pro's and con's for green remediation. Rejuvenate includes partners from Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Sweden and began in October 2008. It is funded, under the umbrella of an ERA-Net SNOWMAN
, by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency (England), FORMAS (Sweden) and Bioclear BV (Netherlands). The EU ERA-Net
SNOWMAN is a network of national funding organisations and administrations providing research funding for soil and groundwater bridging the gap between
knowledge demand and supply ( It is one of more than 70 ERA-Nets (European Research Area-Networks) funded by the EC's 6th Framework
Programme for Research and Technological Development. The Rejuvenate team are: Bioclear BV The Netherlands (link Dechema, Germany (link r3 Environmental Technology Ltd, UK - (link Swedish Geotechnical Institute , Sweden (link
Programme and registration 33.9 KB (PDF)
Posted: 16/04/2009 By: Professor Paul Bardos