2nd Call of the SNOWMAN ERA-Net will close on 31.03.2009,
17:00h CET
Dear readers,   
this is just a reminder with regard to the ongoing 2nd call of the SNOWMAN ERA-Net:   
Call topics:   
1. Area management of contamination,   
2. Integration of soil management into spatial planning,   
3. Use of contaminated land for biofuel crop production.   
Submission deadline and procedural information:   
The deadline for receipt of applications is 17:00 CET on 31 March 2009.    
Applications received by the office of the Call Secretariat after this time will be excluded from the evaluation process.    
Applications should be sent in electronic form (either via e-mail or on CD).   
Applications for SNOWMAN funding should be made using the forms available as an MS-Word™ document and MS-Excel™ spreadsheet from the SNOWMAN website (http://www.snowman-era.net/content.php? ... 
No other form of application will be accepted, except for any supplementary information required under national funding rules. The templates should be completed in English and submitted either by email or if greater than 5 Mbytes on CD-ROM. Errors in proposals may be corrected by resubmission of the entire amended proposal up to the closing date of the call. The Project Coordinator for each project proposal is responsible for ensuring the application includes scanned signatures for the authorised signatory
for its own organisation and for retaining the originals of these documents. After closure of the call, the Call Secretariat will contact the Project coordinator to acknowledge receipt and confirm eligibility or otherwise of the
proposal to the Project Coordinator. The proposal evaluation process will be completed by 30th June 2009 and projects should be ready to begin on 2nd November
2009. Good success and best wishes, Arnd Wieland SNOWMAN Call Secretariat
Posted: 12/03/2009 By: Mr Arnd Wieland