ERA-Net SNOWMAN launches second call for research
The ERA-Net SNOWMAN has launched its second call for research proposals today.   
The call is open to contractors based in Austria, Flanders (Belgium), France, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden. Researchers from other countries may 
take part in consortia, but will not be eligible for SNOWMAN funding. The involvement of funded parties from other countries will benefit applications in the
evaluation process. Projects proposed to this call should focus on (at least) one of these 3 different topics: 1. Area management of contamination, 2. Integration of soil management into spatial planning, 3. Use of contaminated land for biofuel crop production An elaborate description of the topics can be found in the call’s Applicants’ Guide. SNOWMAN possesses a total budget of approx. € 1,80 Mio. The duration of the projects financed under this call can range between 12 months at the minimum and
three years at the maximum. The call will be opened in all countries participating the call within a limited time period of 11 weeks: from 12 January 2009 until 31 March 2009 at 17 hours,
CET. It is open to contractors eligible to participate in the RTD programmes run by the funders participating SNOWMAN’s second call. This second call of SNOWMAN makes use of the experiences and improvements SNOWMAN gained during the first call for research since 2006. The call Announcement, an Applicants’ Guide and a common Application Form can be downloaded from the SNOWMAN website: ...
Applications should be addressed to the SNOWMAN Call Secretariat and submitted electronically enclosing scans of the relevant signatures asked for in
the Application Form. SNOWMAN has established a Call Secretariat as helpdesk for the execution of the call. Further information about funding in the respective
partner countries will be given by the national contact partners named in the announcement text.
Posted: 12/01/2009 By: Mr Arnd Wieland