Internet launch of the German project 'TASK Leipzig'
The homepage of the German project 'TASK - The Terra, Aqua & Site Remediation Competence Centre Leipzig' has been launched. The project is dealing with an accelerated 
technology and know-how transfer in the fields of soil and groundwater remediation and site revitalisation. The homepage provides information on the structures
and objectives of the project, current activities as well as continuative information regarding market implementation of R&D products. In addition, the
homepage provides access to our product database which is containing information on R&D products in the selected fields. The homepage is in German, an English version will be available by the end of December 2008. Furthermore, the provision of a Polish version is being planned
for 2009/2010.
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TASK - The Terra, Aqua & Site Remediation and Competence Centre Leipzig
Posted: 04/12/2008 By: Ms Nadine Fuetterer