ERA-Net SNOWMAN expects to launch its 2nd call
Please note that this newsletter is for information only and does not represent a call, a pre-announcement of a call or any other form of commitment from SNOWMAN. 
SNOWMAN, the network of funding organisations dealing with the sustainable management of soil and groundwater pollution, is considering launching its
2nd trans-national call for research. SNOWMAN expects the call to be open from 12th January 2009 to 31st March 2009. It will make use of the experiences and improvements SNOWMAN gained during its
first call for research since 2006. SNOWMAN is aiming for a total budget of approximatively 1.000.000€. Research proposals may be of different types and sizes.
They can be, for example, desk studies and/or field experiments. Research topics for the 2nd call of SNOWMAN are expected to be:
  1. Area management of contamination;
  2. Integration of soil management into spatial planning;
  3. Use of contaminated land for biofuel crop production.
SNOWMAN’s 2nd call funding “countries” are expected to be Belgium/-Flanders (OVAM), France (ADEME), the Netherlands (SKB) and Sweden (Naturvardsverket),
along with Romania and an another organisation from Sweden. The call is expected to be open to research consortia involving at least two independent legal entities from at least two of SNOWMAN’s 2nd call funding countries.
Project partners from other EU Countries and EU Associated States, and other SNOWMAN partners not named above (Austria, Germany and UK), are invited to join
this call by providing additional funding for specific research proposals. The call will be open for these, but researchers should contact their national
funding organisations directly in order to respect their national funding regulations, before joining a trans-national research consortium. The duration of the projects can range between 12 months at the minimum and three years at the maximum. Due to planned organisational changes, the Netherlands
partner is only able to fund researchers for projects of up to 12 months duration. Dutch researchers should contact SKB directly for clarification, if they
aim to join research consortia for longer projects. If there is a 2nd SNOWMAN call, full details with guidance for applicants are expected to be announced on or after 12 January on the SNOWMAN homepage (,
SNOWMAN’s 2nd call funding organisations’ homepages, via the SNOWMAN mailing list, and EUGRIS ( You may join the SNOWMAN mailing list by sending an empty e-mail with the subject “joining SNOWMAN newsletter” to the SNOWMAN Call Secretariat (
in order to receive latest information available.
Posted: 01/12/2008 By: Mr Arnd Wieland