Contaminated Land: Assessment of Remediation by
Electrical Tomography (CLARET)
CLARET is a world first research project between VHE Construction PLC, the British Geological Survey, INTERKONSULT Ltd, and South Kesteven District Council. 
The project is developing non-invasive in-situ geoelectrical imaging technology to monitor and validate the remediation of contaminated land. Continuous
geoelectrical imaging can map the movement and concentration of contamination as it changes over time. Crucially, the technology is automated and remotely
controlled so monitoring can be carried out without the cost of repeated site visits. Advantages of this approach include: * reduced costs * time saving * remote access to data from a desktop * continuous and long term monitoring of ground conditions * detection of transient processes that could be missed by manual re-occupation * reduced risk of opening up new contaminant pathways as no intrusive sampling is needed CLARET is currently being tested at a former gas works site in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The project is drawing to a close and we are inviting your comments via
our 2-minute industry survey at Dr Peter Graham on behalf of the CLARET Consortium
Posted: 02/10/2008 By: Dr Peter Graham