PURE Project Overview: 'Protection of Groundwater
Resources at Industrially Contaminated Sites'
The PURE project (protection of groundwater resources at contaminated sites) aimed to: (a) provide innovative, cost effective, widely applicable solutions 
to prevent pollution of groundwater from industrial sites (b) bring together problem owners, service providers, end users and research and development performers
and (c) develop methods and / or techniques for contaminated land management with the goal of achieving cost savings for site characterization (20 %) and site
remediation (20-40%). Two presentations focused on innovative in situ techniques developed by PURE – steam enhanced soil venting and co-solvent flushing,
and the PURE “ABC” decision support tool. The project finished in 2002/3. The project overview brochure is linked below.
Project Overview 2111 KB (PDF)
Posted: 19/09/2008 By: Professor Paul Bardos