GroundSure Insight: Historical Maps and Environmental Data have evolved...
GroundSure’s historical mapping, geological data and advanced    
environmental data have now evolved into the new    
GroundSure Insight- £179.00 excl VAT.     
This contains a complete range of products which match the specific    
needs of environmental and property professionals, providing a    
collection of reports that offer unprecedented quality, accuracy    
and integrity.   
The evolution of GroundSure Insight is testament to the success of GroundSure’s advanced historical mapping and superior data in the market, which continues 
to help support customer’s judgment and opinion by offering: • GroundSure Insight: Still available at £179 excl VAT • Highest levels of QA employed • Maps scanned at 508dpi (the market standard being 300dpi) • Genuine choice in the market • Premier Partner of the Ordnance Survey • Maps in colour and greyscale
Posted: 10/09/2008 By: Miss Rachel Holgate