UK Soil Guideline Values Consultation Inconclusive
The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs began a consultation in 2006 to explore how to improve non-stautiry guidance that supports the risk assessment 
of contaminated land using 'soil guideline values' (SGVs) This consultation has closed without reaching a consensus on all points under discussion, but 14 measures have been agreed to as improvements to contaminated
land guidance. A point of contention remaining is the guidance on determing the whether land contamination poses a 'significant possibility of significant harm' (SPOSH).
This was felt to lack clarity by some practioners. The government will not be altering the non-statutory guidance to describe where the legal trigger point
might lie. Links: ... http://www.environmental-protection.or ...
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Improvements to contaminated land guidance outcome of the “way forward” exercise on Soil Guideline V
Posted: 25/07/2008 By: Professor Paul Bardos