Call for Abstracts - EnviroNano Conference
The UMass Environmental Institute and U.S. EPA are organizing an       

International Conference on the Environmental Implications and
Applications of Nanotechnology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
from June 9-11 2009.
We invite abstracts for platform and poster presentations that address the full range of environmental implications and applications of manufactured
nanomaterials and nanotechnology, from state-of-the-art research to emerging technologies to full-scale case studies.
Topics of interest include: Characterization, Detection, and Analysis of Nanomaterials ● Sorption and Environmental Chemistry ● New Analytical Techniques ● Measurement Methods ● Methods for Environmental Detection and Analysis ● Nano-Enabled Sensing Green Nanotechnology ● Green Manufacturing of Nanomaterials ● Green Chemistry Applications ● Using Nano to “Green up” Current Processes ● Green Nano and Industrial Ecology ● Sustainable
Nanotechnology ● LCA of nanoparticles/ nanoproducts Nano Regulatory and Policy Issues ● State and Federal (US and other) Approaches to Regulatory Challenges ● Health and Safety ● Assessing and Communicating Risk ●
Best Management Practices for Managing Risk ● Life Cycle Safety Bioavailability, Toxicity, and Exposure ● Behavior of Pure Nanomaterials ● Effects and Interactions with Pollutants ● Ecological Impacts ● Biological Exposure ●
Human Health Impacts ● Food Chain Transfer ● Biotic Sensitivities (Molecular through Ecosystems) Environmental Fate and Transport ● Biodegradation, Bioavailability, and Bioaccumulation ● Transformation Potential ● Migration ● Release of nanoparticles
from products and materials ● Interactions with Environmental Contaminants ● Fate and Transport in Air, Soil, and Water ● Plant Interactions
● Modeling (e.g. exposure, transport) Pollution Control and Remediation ● Water Remediation ● Soil and Sediment Remediation ● Water Pollution Control ● Air Pollution Control All conference papers will be considered for publication in the UMass open access online journal, International Journal for Soil, Sediment and Water. Abstracts should be submitted online at ... by November 1, 2008 (platform
presentations) or by April 30, 2009 (poster presentations)
. Complete details and information at ... Additional Questions? Contact us at or 413.545.2842 _______________________________________________ Triad mailing list ...
Posted: 18/07/2008 By: Ms Jean Balent