Revised Waste Framework Directive agreed
On June 17th European Parliament approved the agreement reached with the Council of Ministers on the revision of the Waste Framework Directive.     
This Directive:   
* Sets new recycling targets to be achieved by the Member States by 2020, including recycling rates of 50% for household and similar wastes and 70% for construction 
and demolition waste; * Strengthens provisions on waste prevention through an obligation for Member States to develop national waste prevention programmes and a commitment
from the Commission to report on prevention and set waste prevention objectives; * Sets a clear, five-step 'hierarchy' of waste management options according to which prevention is the preferred option, followed by reuse, recycling,
other forms of recovery and with safe disposal as the last recourse. * Clarifies a number of important definitions, such as recycling, recovery and waste itself. In particular, it draws a line between waste and by-products
and defines when waste has been recovered enough – through recycling or other treatment - to cease being waste. Links: European Commission Press Release: ...
European Parliament Press Release: ...
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Waste Framework Directive Draft Agreed June 17 2008: Position of the European Parliament adopted at
Posted: 19/06/2008 By: Professor Paul Bardos