Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code
of Practice - Key consultation
CL:AIRE is delighted to announce a 6 week consultation on a new draft voluntary Code of Practice (CoP) which answers the thorny question of when materials are 
waste and when treated wastes cease to be waste. It provides a clear transparent path out of waste legislation whilst ensuring the environment and human health
are protected. The CoP has been prepared in consultation with and including contributions from representatives from the development and remediation industries and the
Environment Agency. Objectives and Scope The draft CoP has been designed to allow the user to demonstrate that wastes have been fully recovered and hence cease to be waste. This requires a significant
degree of self regulation and relies upon the professional integrity of those involved. As such the CoP introduces the principle of a Qualified Person to sign
off a Declaration to demonstrate that the appropriate “lines of evidence” have been put in place. The CoP serves the following purposes: * Provides best practice for the development industry to use when assessing: i. If materials are classified as waste or not and ii. Determining when treated waste can cease to be waste for a particular use * Provides an auditable system to demonstrate that this CoP has been adhered to on a site by site basis. Following a successful consultation, the CoP will be used by Industry and the Environment Agency in decision making relating to the applicability of waste
legislation. The document may also be of assistance in preparing Site Waste Management Plans for construction projects. The CoP is voluntary and applies to England and Wales only. CL:AIRE is actively developing a training module specific to the CoP. Draft Documents for Review Please review the following PDF draft documents for the CoP and accompanying flow diagrams prior to completing the online questionnaire which is accessed
from the link below. ... The deadline for responses online is Thursday 15th May 2008. For more information or if you have any queries regarding the consultation please contact
or call CL:AIRE on 020 7258 5321. Online Consultation Link Click on the link below once you have reviewed the above draft CoP documents from the CL:AIRE websiteto provide your valuable feedback: ...
Posted: 08/04/2008 By: Mr Jon Raeside