Mix and match: new EU guide to encourage combining
research funding sources
Central to the realisation of the goals of the Lisbon Agenda is the need to promote the knowledge economy, in particular through research, technological development 
and innovation (RTDI). EU support for RTDI is provided mainly through the 7 th Research Framework Programme, the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme and the Structural Funds.
When operating individually, these three funding sources already act as effective tools in support of RTDI. However, their value can be further enhanced
by combining them. How can this be done? The answer to this question is provided by the 'Practical Guide to EU funding for research, development and innovation' that has been developed by the services
of the European Commission. In addition to practical information on combining the different funding sources, the guide includes a description of each fund,
advice for policy makers and an innovative Checklist and Scorecard. These allow potential beneficiaries to quickly identify exactly how they can access European
funding at every stage of the development and implementation of a project. This guide is out for consultation until April 30th 2008 Link: http://ec.europa.eu/research/consultatio ...
Posted: 28/03/2008 By: Professor Paul Bardos