Participants of 2nd SNOWMAN Think Tank meeting discuss
Research Agenda and possible ways to go ahead
From 04.03.08 – 05.03.08 the second Think Tank meeting (TT2) of the ERA-Net SNOWMAN has taken place in Amsterdam/Netherlands. The 35 participants from 10 EU 
Member States (including the current SNOWMAN partner countries, plus participants from the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia) discussed the first draft
for the SNOWMAN Research Agenda and the future of the ERA-Net project itself.
The final Research Agenda will be delivered in January 2009. The future of the ERA-Net SNOWMAN has been discussed under the current circumstances defined
by the European Commission. Also alternative ways to go forward have been identified.

The results of this TT2 will be published separately, but as a first impression it can be stated that the interest in SNOWMAN as the only ERA-Net dealing with
the soil and groundwater topic was made very clear by the participants.
The audience also saw a responsibility for SNOWMAN to take over an even more important role in coordinated research activities beyond June 2009 with topics
to be further described in the final Research Agenda.

Further steps resulting from the TT2 will be the second draft of the SNOWMAN Research Agenda, the preparation of the next steps for SNOWMAN to go beyond its
contract end in June 2009, and the clarification of some detail questions asked during TT2 to be presented by the ERA-Net project during the SNOWMAN special
session at Consoil 2008 in Milano.
Posted: 12/03/2008 By: Mr Arnd Wieland