European Soil Data Centre operational at the European
Commission Joint Research Centre
In order to ensure the provision of robust data and information      
on the state of the environment for the development      
of environmental policies at European Union level,      
the European Commission’s DG Environment (ENV),      
DG Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Eurostat, together      
with the European Environment Agency (EEA), together      
called “Group of four” (Go4), have decided at the end      
of 2005 on the establishment of “Environmental Data Centres”.      

These data centres work in support of DG ENV, which formulates at regular times its data requirements. As part of a joint system and covering the thematic aspects of soil and soil related applications within the EU, the European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) has been established within the JRC. ESDAC constitutes the primary focal point for DG ENV for data and information on soil related issues, fulfilling DG ENV’s data and information needs. The role and features of ESDAC are evolving over time in line with the ongoing developments in Europe concerning soil related issues.

The platform that presents soil data and information at EU level is fully operational at

Posted: 18/01/2008 By: Mr Marc Van Liedekerke