EURODEMO E-News December 2007
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European Co-ordination Action for Demonstration of Efficient Soil and Groundwater Remedation   
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DECEMBER 28, 2007   
Dear colleagues,   
I am very pleased to welcome you to our third and final EURODEMO newsletter   
which provides once again links to project outcomes, events and future   
I think EURODEMO succeeded to become a focal contact point for Europe   
regarding information on innovative remediation demonstrations. Therefore,   
we want to continue our knowledge transfer and experience exchange on   
European scale by setting up national demonstration platforms and   
complementary future activities. Given our activities towards prolonging   
this initiative, you will receive another e-news from here changed to   
Enjoy reading, and keep in touch!   
Happy new year, yours sincerely   
Dr. Yvonne Spira   
Project Manager, Austrian Environment Agency.   
The final conference Towards Innovative Remediation in Europe - Chances   
and Perspectives in Vienna was held in cooperation with PROMOTE, a related   
EC funded project. The goal of this conference was to present major   
project results from EURODEMO and PROMOTE and to discuss future activities   
and directions to accelerate innovation in land remediation.   
It was felt by the 50-60 participants that the EURODEMO project had a good   
outcome, given its visibility on European scale, the increasing project   
entries in the online project directory, and the various technical and   
strategic measures collected and proposed. The current state was seen as a   
good starting point for further activities like the planned follow-up   
network of national demonstration platforms (see also last article). Those   
demonstration platforms shall get involved in real-life projects. In order   
to be accepted as additional partner in real projects, it may be necessary   
to prove and communicate the added value and it may be desirable for the   
platforms to be able to offer special benefits such as e.g. project   
co-funding, close cooperation with authorities or special permissions   
under scientific supervision.     
The update on The Avenue project (UK) illustrated, how well sustainability   
issues can be considered within remediation, and how positive the public   
perception of these remediation activities can be: communicating that   
modern knowledge and technology is applied in order to remediate   
historical contamination resulting from former knowledge gaps, is surely   
perceived as positive by the public.   
The currently developed ETV system and the intermediate development of the   
CEN Workshop Agreement Environmental Technology Verification - Soil and   
Groundwater Remediation and Monitoring Technologies (CWA32 ETV-SGS) was   
also actively discussed considering possible benefits and drawbacks.   
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The EURODEMO consortium is very pleased to endorse the Holland In-situ   
Program (Holland In-Situ Proeftuin, HIP), NL, as EURODEMO 'Feature   
Strategic Initiative' in the field of soil and groundwater remediation.   
HIP is a strategic initiative from 10 contractors and TNO - with the   
support of SKB and the Ministry of Economic Affairs - which will lead to   
24 pilot applications of different in-situ remediation technologies with   
at least 10 different contractors, land owners and authorities on   
different sites between 2006 and 2009.   
HIP is featured by EURODEMO as it covers core EURODEMO priorities in an   
applied and integrative way:   
aiming to tear down market barriers for and increase confidence in   
innovative in-situ remediation technologies through knowledge transfer to   
the market 	frame capabilities and limitations of in-situ technologies by   
demonstrations on 'real-life' full size contaminated sites 	involve key   
stakeholder groups in the program and improve their collaboration  	share   
costs between the actors  	provide decision-support and decision support   
tools based on past field applications.   
EURODEMO regards this as a very practical and highly recommendable   
stimulation of the dutch market, as innovative methods are   
here demonstrated to key stakeholder groups in practice.   
The HIP program covers three topics:   
pilot projects with technical focus 	pilot projects with process and   
cooperation focus 	the development of the SOILECTION decision support   
The pilot projects are geared to address existing market bottlenecks of   
technology specific or more general knowledge gaps.   
Backing up the program with past research and field experience, respective   
decision support tools, and a steering group additionally increases   
stakeholder confidence. Finally and maybe most importantly, pilot   
applications of innovative in-situ remediation technologies in close   
co-operation with key stakeholders like authorities and consultants may   
also stimulate the inclusion of such innovative methods within policies,   
operational and decision-making processes, which is seen by EURODEMO as   
key for the applicability of innovative methods.   
EC launches the public consultation on a possible EU scheme on ETV/EPV   
The European Commission has launched a public consultation   
(Link: ... ) on a possible   
EU scheme on Environmental Technology Verification / Environmental   
Performance Verification. The consultation is open from 26.11.2007 to   
03.02.2008 and is accessible through the Commission's ETAP website   
(Link: ... ).    
2 brand new feature proejcts: CLUSTER and TSVE    
You can visit the projects on our website (Link: ... )!   
EURODEMO Remediation Projects Directory   
There are now close to 80 remediation projects from across Europe recorded   
in EURODEMO's Remediation Projects Directory (Link: ... 
). Recent projects added include 7 remediation pilot projects from The Avenue, UK, which is a EURODEMO Feature Project. These projects document the trialling of stabilisation solidification, soil and sediment thermal desorption, sludge lagoon thermal desorption, sludge lagoon dewatering and immo-stabilisation, soil washing, and ex situ bioremediation. If you are interested in demonstrating your company's remediation capabilities by recording a couple of remediation projects within the Directory, please see details in the information sheet (Link: ... ) linked. Budapest Workshop with MOKKA A workshop has been held in Budapest, Hungary, in collaboration with an international conference of the Hungarian proje
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