Five SNOWMAN funded research projects launched!
This Thursday, 13.12.2007, SNOWMAN is entering its next phase in operating. All necessary documents are received by the SNOWMAN Secretariat and five research 
projects will start their work immediately. Some of them have been started already. The smallest of the projects funded by SNOWMAN consists of two organisations from two SNOWMAN partner countries. This project is called MUSA. The largest
consortium consists of 13 partners in total. Six of the SNOWMAN partner countries take part in this research project. It is called SUMATECS and also comprises
organisations from Italy and the Czech Republic. These two countries will bring in additional funding money for the research project as SNOWMAN is only able
to fund organisations being currently a partner country of the ERA-net project. All projects will have duration of 12 months. Budget for the five research consortia
mounts up to ~660.000€ (plus sources from Italy and the Czech Republic). In total, five projects have been recommended for funding by the SNOWMAN Call Steering Committee at the funding recommendation meeting in Vienna, May 2007.
Contract negotiations between the research organisations participating each of the five projects and their respective national funding organisation have
been finalised by the end of November 2007. As SNOWMAN is a learning process and as the difficulties of the contract negotiation phase with seven different funding
organisations have been underestimated, it took a longer time than expected to finalise this step. The SNOWMAN funded projects are: ENACT – Extending the Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated solvents Toolbox MUSA – Integrating Multiple Scale Assessment on Ecosystems for Contaminated Land Management IOPSIM – (Im)mobilization of organic pollutants by soil constituents in the soil/groundwater system – Strategies for innovative management PERSPEC- Perspectives on mobilisation of prioritised contaminants in soil SUMATECS – Sustainable management of trace element contaminated soils – Development of a decision tool system and its evaluation for practical application
SNOWMAN required the research consortia to sign a Consortium Agreement for their project and the ERA-Net had to wait with any publication of details until
the final Agreements have been received by the Secretariat. Additional information about the funded projects and the participating countries will be available at the SNOWMAN homepage (,
soon. A newsletter will inform in brief, while separate project information sheets will present more detail for the interested ( ...
The funded researchers have also been invited for an application to ConSoil 2007, which will take place in Milano, Italy ( SNOWMAN
will participate ConSoil 2007 with a Special Session, too. Besides servicing the funded projects, SNOWMAN’s next steps for the future are the development of a Research Programme and the enlargement of the funders
Posted: 13/12/2007 By: Mr Arnd Wieland