NICOLE News October 2007
NICOLE has just rekeased its 2007 newsletter.  
Contents include:   
* Developments in the Soil Directive   
* Changing from consultancy to industry   
* RISKBASE and resilience   
* Workshop reports: Leuven and Akersloot   
* NICOLE Working Groups   
* EUGRISí new look   
* MNA project report   
* Harmoni-CA and contaminated land   
* SG/SPG/ISG updates   
* CatchMOD flyer initiative   
* Site Management Roadmap   
The newsletter has an interesting insert - the 10 Years of Progress: Road Map to Contaminated Land Management.  
Download the newsletter from: ...  
Download the roadmap from: ... 
Posted: 04/10/2007 By: Professor Paul Bardos