Better coordinated use of Framework Programme and
Structural Funds to support R&D
Mobilising these structural and FP7 instruments together can help fostering (much more    
efficiently than considered separately) the research and technological    
development potential to contribute and promote growth and employment    
at local, regional, national and European scale. The European Union    
Scientific and Technical Research Committee (CREST) has recently    
issued a set of guidelines on 'Coordinating the Framework Programme    
and the Structural Funds to support Research and Development'. This    
document summarises recommendations on developing strategies and    
strengthening governance; developing human resources and    
infrastructures; promoting R&D excellence and international cooperation;    
reinforcing results' exploitation and valorisation strategies and improving    
communication and information. 
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Guidelines on Coordinating the Research Framework Programme and the Structural Funds to support rese
Posted: 21/09/2007 By: Professor Paul Bardos