IWA 11th International Specialized Conference
on Watershed and River Basin Management, 4-5 September 2008, Budapest, Hungary
11th International Specialised Conference on   
Watershed and River Basin Management   
4-5 September 2008   
Budapest, Hungary  
Call for Papers   
Water is a challenge for the century.   
Exploring the sustainability of our most valuable resource is your business.  IWA presents a unique opportunity to engage in 2 days of innovative discussion 
on the subjects of Water Resource Management, Climate Change, Water Supply Protection, Sustainable Urban Drainage, Pollution Sources & Controls and Monitoring
and Modelling. Join other experts in exchanging ideas and exploring networking opportunities during the IWA Watershed and River Basin Management Conference, 4 – 5 September
2008 in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. Mark this event on your calendar and begin to plan your absract/paper/poster today. Conference Themes - River basin management planning under the EU Water Framework Directive; - River basin management practices in different continents; - Managing water resources in transboundary river basins with conflicting demand; - Managing competing uses to protect water quality and quantity; - Watershed management methods to facilitate water availability for aquatic ecosystem health and human uses; - Interconnecting sub-watersheds to achieve basin goals; - Hierarchal approaches to river basin management. - Monitoring, ecological classification in EU countries and inter-calibration; - State-of-the-art in assessing water and biological quality and integrating data; - Programme of measures and ecological state. - River basin management, advanced computation and decision support; - The impact of climate change on watersheds, river basins, estuaries and reservoirs; - Flood control and prevention. - Effective methods to involve stakeholders and the public into the river basin management planning processes; - Conflicts and multi-objective management – is it mostly methodology? - Economics of river basin management. Venue Budapest, the capital of Hungary is bisected by the River Danube, which flows north to south through the centre of the city dividing it into two main parts.
Buda with Óbuda is situated mainly in the hills to the west, while the commercial Pest is on the plains to the east. The entire city covers an area of two hundred
square miles and divided into 23 administrative districts, it is home today to a population of 1.8 million people. Budapest possesses a rich and fascinating history as well as a vibrant cultural heritage. Recognizing the unique value of its traditions it has managed to
maintain its magic and charm, and is rightly known as the Queen of the Danube. It has also been called the City of Spas, as there are a dozen thermal baths complexes
served by over a hundred natural thermal springs. The conference will be held in Hunguest Hotel Griff, H-1113 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152., Hungary. www.griffhotel.hu/hotel/introdutions.htm over the
two days 4-5 September 2008 immediately before the next IWA biennial Congress to be held in Vienna, Austria from 7-12 September 2008. A travel option will be
arranged by the conference organizers, a boat journey on the Danube from Budapest to Vienna – an trip not to be missed and a excellent opportunity to learn something
about the river. Registeration and Paper Submission You are invited to submit an abstract, in English, of about 500 words addressing any of the themes and describing new contributions to knowledge, methodology,
interpretation or application of existing knowledge. Case studies are welcome but must have value for practitioners facing similar problems. To submit an abstract please use the www.iwa2008budapest.org conference homepage. The Key Dates for our conference are: Call for Abstracts opens 30th May 2007 Call for Abstracts closes 30th September 2007 Review process 1 October-30th November 2007 Invitation to submit full papers – December 2007 Paper submission closes 31st March 2008 Organising Committe János Fehér VITUKI CONSULT Zrt., Hungary, IWA (Hungarian Committee), Chair Adrienn Clement Technical University of Budapest, Hungary Ferenc Fehér National Union of Water Management Association, Hungary József Gayer Ministry of Environment and Water, River Basin Management Section, Hungary Gyula Holló Water Director; Ministry of Environment and Water, Dept. of Water Framework Directive, Hungary Jovanka Ignjatovic Regional Environmental Centre, Szentendre, Hungary Ferenc Ligetvári Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary Péter Literáthy IWA (Hungarian Committee), Hungary – Co-Chair Zoltán Makfalvi Transsilvanian Technical Association, Csíkszereda, Romania Tomasz Okruszko Warsaw Agricultural University, Poland Mária Papp Hungarian Water Utility Association, Hungary Gyula Reich Global Water Partnership, Hungary János Tamás University of Debrecen, Hungary Evzen Zeman DHI Hydroinform a.s., Prague, Czech Republic Conference Secretariat Ms Mónika Jetzin TRIVENT Event Organizing Company H-1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61 Hungary Tel / Fax: +36-(1)-371-1333 e-mail: trivent@trivent.hu Programme Committee Perri Standish-Lee Black & Veatch, USA – Chair of Programme Committe Kirsty Blackstock The Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland Bob Crabtree WRc Water Research Centre, England János Fehér VITUKI CONSULT Zrt., Hungary; IWA (Hungarian Committee) Janusz Kindler University of Warsaw, Poland Peter Kelderman UNESCO-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands Wendell Koning Regional Environmental Management, Alberta, Canada Jan -Tai Kuo National Taiwan University, Taiwan Péter Literáthy IWA (Hungarian Committee), Hungary Gareth McKonkey JANTECH cc, South Africa Avi Ostfiled Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Maria do Carmo Sobral University of Pernambuco, Brasil László Somlyódy Technical University of Budapest, Hungary John Tyson IWA W&RBM Specialist Group - Secretary Alan Vicory Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, (ORSANCO), USA Michael Weyand Rurhverband, Germany Matthias Zessner Inst. for Water Quality & Waste Managment, Vienna - Proceedings Editor.
Posted: 04/09/2007 By: Mr János Fehér