UK White Paper on Changes to the Planning Regime
The Department for Communities and Local Government in the UK has unveiled major reforms of the country’s planning system to make it fit to tackle new challenges 
in the 21st century - speeding up the system alongside improved community consultation for England. The wide-ranging White Paper has four key pillars: A better, quicker system to decide major infrastructure projects with enhanced community engagement and an improved level of expertise. Simplifying the local planning system for householders to make it far easier to make home improvements like extensions and conservatories, where there
is little or no impact on neighbours. Planning playing a bigger role in tackling climate change. Ensuring the planning system continues to support vibrant town centres. The Government also pledged a new commitment to protect the green belt. The White Paper makes clear previously developed brown field land must remain the
clear priority for housing development with our parks and green spaces protected. The simplifying of the local planning system for householders will allow councils to focus on strategic priorities such as more homes for future generations
and tackling climate change. The White Paper will bring in a new system for dealing with major infrastructure decisions (transport, water, waste and energy) with community consultation
locked into every stage of the process. These proposals are now open for consultation until 17 August 2007. Press Release at: ... White Paper at: ... Consultation Page at: ...
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Posted: 24/05/2007 By: Professor Paul Bardos