EC FP7 research recommendations by SedNet
SedNet recently prepared a paper indicating sediment management   
knowledge gaps related to the Water Framework Directive implementation   
challenges. The paper also proposes a way forward to bridge these gaps   
through EC FP7 research activities. At 8 February 2007 this paper was   
presented in Brussels to Dr. Costanza Calzolari (EC DG Research) and Dr.   
Philippe Quevauviller (EC DG Environment), who indicated to be willing   
to further disseminate these recommendations to their colleagues.   
SedNet proposes research activities aimed at (further) improving the   
understanding of the role of sediment in the functioning of the natural   
sediment-soil-water system in river basins with a specific focus on: 1)   
the relation between sediment contamination and its actual impact on the   
functioning of ecosystems (ecological status), and 2) the combined   
impact of sediment quantity and quality on the ecological status.    
Furthermore, SedNet proposes research dedicated to study the   
effectiveness, efficacy and efficiency of measures aimed to improve the   
ecological status. A key question here is how to differentiate the   
effect of measures from natural variability, specifically over a long   
time frame?    
The paper is available through the SedNet website at: ... 
Posted: 15/04/2007 By: Professor Paul Bardos