UK: Third Environmental Permitting Programme Consultation
The Environmental Permitting Programme (EPP) is a Better Regulation initiative designed to reduce costs for business and regulators by cutting red tape, 
without changing levels of protection for the environment and human health. It will do this by streamlining and simplifying environmental permitting and
compliance systems. This consultation discusses how Environmental Permitting Guidance will be replacing existing lengthy guidance for the waste management licence (WML)
and pollution prevention and control (PPC) systems (except for activities regulated by local authorities where the existing General Guidance Manual will
be updated to reflect the changes to the system) with an easy-to-read, concise piece of guidance. It will be a simple, single reference point explaining how the new, streamlined Environmental Permitting Regulations work and, where possible, how they
will be implemented. The deadline for comments is 11 April 2007.
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Third Environmental Permitting Programme Consultation: on guidance for a streamlined environmental p
Posted: 31/03/2007 By: Professor Paul Bardos