SNOWMAN homepage gets more than 9.000 homepage visitors
in the first two months of the coordinated research
The last third of the SNOWMAN coordinated call has just begun and it seems that the call is a success.           
For the applicants there are another 21 days left to send in their proposal to the SNOWMAN Secretariat.

The resonance to the call is very good. So far, 9.088 people have visited the SNOWMAN homepage since the call has been launched.

While the averaged number of visits per months has been 800 between June and November 2006, the number of visits has risen with the starting of the SNOWMAN call
up to 4.000 and more!

The project partners now expect more project proposals than first estimated.

If you aim to send in a project proposal, the following pages might be of interest for you:
SNOWMAN homepage: Frequently asked Questions around the call: ... Researchers yet searching for project partners: ... SNOWMAN news: ...
Posted: 06/02/2007 By: Mr Arnd Wieland