Environmental Technologies Research - Issue n°1
- January 07
This newsletter aims to provide information about initiatives and RTD project results in relation with the FP7 activity 'Environmental technologies' 
under the research theme 'Environment (including climate change)'. The newsletter will try to embrace a wide scope of scientific activities that predominantly
will target technologies for managing resources, reducing risks, monitoring, preventing or treating pollution more efficiently, related to all environmental
media and wastes; to clean processes leading to the phasing out of dangerous substances; to technologies for built environment management, as well as conservation
and restoration of cultural heritage; to risk, performance assessment and testing of technologies. With this newsletter we aim to reach the scientific community dealing with environmental technologies as well as a much broader community of stakeholders
such as regulators, policymakers, managers, industries, scientific journalists and organisations with an interest in the subject matter. Please forward
the newsletter to colleagues, friends, business partners and any other relevant contacts that you may have, and encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter
(see subscription details below). FP7 First call for proposals is launched: The EC published on 22 December 2006 its first call for proposals under the recently adopted Seventh Framework Programme. The call FP7-ENV-2007-1 issued
by the theme 'Environment (including climate change)' includes in its work programme the activity 'Environmental technologies'. The 14 open topics for research
under this activity are targeting water, soil and waste areas as well as clean technologies, built environment, cultural heritage, risk assessment and testing
strategies. The indicative available budget for this activity is totalling 50 Mio€. The deadline for proposals' submission is 02 May 2007 and the submission/evaluation will follow the one-stage procedure. Please be informed that, in addition to the eligibility criteria mentioned in the Annex 2 of the Work Programme, the funding thresholds/scheme will be applied
as eligibility criteria The call text, work programme, guide for applicants and additional information about the call are available at: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/dc/index.cfm ...
FP7 NEWS: Registration of Experts for Research Activities The call for experts for the Seventh Framework Programme has been launched in view to establish an appropriate database from where experts shall be selected
on the basis of required skills and knowledge. To register as an expert please visit the following link: https://cordis.europa.eu/emmfp6/index.cf ... PUBLICATIONS and AVAILABLE DOCUMENTS “Soil and Sediment Remediation: Mechanisms, Technologies and Applications”, edited by Piet Lens, Tim Grotenhuis, Greg Malina and Henry Tabak. The publication overviews remediative technologies currently available to minimise the impact of organic and inorganic pollutants. Both in-situ (landfarming,
bioscreens, bioventing, nutrient injection, phytoremediation) and ex-situ (landfarming, bio-heap treatment, soil suspension reactor) technologies
for soil and sediment treatment are reviewed, form a microbiological, process technological and socio-economical point of view. The publication is a result of a Marie Curie Euro Summer School INET (FP6), and includes contributions from the EC funded projects (FP6) IMAGE-TRAIN, BIOTOOL,
SAFIRA, WELCOME, SedNet, EUROPROX and SEAREG. The key sections of the book concern: biogeochemical characteristics of soil and sediments, with new techniques to study soil/sediment processes. clean up technologies for soils polluted with organic or inorganic pollutants, including preventative and remediative strategies. novel process applications and bioreactor designs for bioremediation. impact of soil pollution on society and its economic importance. More information about the publication is available at: http://www.iwapublishing.com/template.cf ... 'Water Reuse System Management Manual - AQUAREC', edited by Davide Bixio and Thomas Wintgens. The project AQUAREC “Integrated concepts for reuse of upgraded wastewater” was funded by the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Commission. Its
major aim was to investigate and develop concepts and methodologies supporting rational and knowledge-based waste water reuse strategies. This publication presents practical information on waste water reuse concepts based on actual and proved management and operational practises. A broad
approach has been considered by addressing institutional, organisational, legal, economics, financial, social and environmental issues together with
technological aspects. The targeted readers are mainly practitioners concerned with implementation of waste water reuse schemes, but this publication
may also become ‘the wastewater reuse manual’ for decision makers, local authorities, consultants and research bodies involved in the area. The publication is now available as printed (catalogue n° KI-76-06-016-EN-C) or PDF document (catalogue n° KI-76-06-016-EN-Z) from OPOCE at: http://bookshop.europa.eu/.
For more information you may also contact A. Gonzalez (Avelino.Gonzalez-Gonzalez@ec.europa.eu) EVENTS Info Day - Environmental Theme, Activity 6.3, Environmental Technologies, 23rd January 2007, Brussels, Belgium The aim of this event is to provide information on the various topics of the call. The Info Day will be organised in a morning plenary session, with an introduction on the 2007 Work Programme of the 'Environment (including Climate Change)
Theme', followed by a general presentation on the 'Environmental Technologies' activity and on the novelties of FP7 regarding the rules for participation,
and rounded up by a Q&A session. In the afternoon, four parallel sessions (1-Water and Soil technologies; 2- Waste and Clean Processes; 3- Built Environment and Cultural Heritage; 4- Risk
assessment of chemicals and alternative strategies for testing) will cover the various areas and topics of the Environmental Technologies activity in more
detail. The parallel sessions are organised as brokerage events. After an introduction on the various areas of the call, each participant will be allowed to
present a 'flash' 3-min. presentation related to project ideas, to their competence in the specific field, or to their interest to join consortia on a given
subject. An open brokerage event will complete the parallel sessions. In the Closing Session, the Commission will respond to questions about possible subjects for future call(s). The announcement, agenda and registration form are available at the link on CORDIS: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/cooperation/ ...
For additional information, please contact Marie De Looz-Corswarem (marie.de-looz-corswarem@ec.europa.eu , fax +320202952097). 'Towards Risk Based Management of European River Basins', 24-26 January 2007, Seville, Spain The FP 6 funded Coordination Action RISKBASE will hold it's first open General Assembly (workshop) on 'Risk based management of European river basins'.
In RISKBASE, leading European scientists and representatives of major, European stakeholder groups will review and synthesise the outcome of EC RTD Framework
Program projects, and other major initiatives, related to integrated risk assessment-based management of the water/sediment/soil system at the river-basin
scale. The goals of RISKBASE supported by this event are to provide: - An over
Posted: 23/01/2007 By: Mr Jörg Frauenstein