BioMinE Integrated Project seeks partner
BioMinE is an Integrated Project in the Sixth Framework Programme that   
will allow the integration of innovative biotechnology based processes for   
recovery and/or removal of metals from primary materials (ores and   
concentrates), and secondary materials (mining wastes, metallurgical   
slags, metal  bearing scrap, power plant ashes, etc.). BioMinE seeks   
proposals BY 11th JANUARY 2007 for an additional project partner The   
following areas of  expertise are required: A proven track record in research   
and development (R&D) applied to bio hydrometallurgical processes at   
laboratory and pilot  plant scales; Specific R&D expertise in the design   
and operation of microbial ferrous iron oxidation processes and their   
incorporation into bio  hydrometallurgical circuits for the indirect   
bioleaching of metal sulphide resources; Interest in indirect bioleaching   
processes applied to the treatment  of secondary mineral and other   
metals-containing wastes would be an advantage. EC contribution: 150   
KEUR (50% or 100% of the partner's budget  according to the cost model).  
Posted: 06/01/2007 By: Professor Paul Bardos