NICOLE Report: Ten Year Network Anniversary Workshop
NICOLE celebrates its ten year anniversary in 2006. Started in 1996 as an EU funded concerted action, NICOLE is nowadays a self sustaining, vibrant network 
that supports safe and cost effective solutions for the management of industrially contaminated land. The route to making contaminated land management an obsolete business is by implementing technology and management practices that have cost-effectively
dealt with existing pollution and will prevent new contamination. Much has been achieved in these 10 years since NICOLE was formed, and this workshop addressed
what is still needed for future contaminated land management in terms of technology implementation, policy making, knowledge transfer and research needs.
It questioned how far Europe is from the ultimate goal of making the management of contaminated land on industrial sites an obsolete business. The full meeting report and executive summary were posted on NICOLE's web site December 2006. These, slides and posters can be downloaded from: ...
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Report of the NICOLE 1996-2006 Ten Year Network Anniversary Workshop: Making Management of Contamina
Posted: 23/12/2006 By: Professor Paul Bardos