SNOWMAN CALL is now open until 28th February 2007
SNOWMAN is a network of European research funders and administrations working together     
to coordinate their efforts in the field of soil contamination and its management.     
The principal objective of the call is to support the development of sustainable management     
of soil and groundwater pollution. The projects should focus on (at least) one of these 4     
different topics 1. Principles of Sustainable Management of Soil and Groundwater Pollution,     
2. Soil System Processes, 3. Tools for Sustainable Management of Soil and Groundwater     
Pollution, and 4. Application of Science &Technology.     
SNOWMAN possesses a total budget of approx. €700 k, with a maximum of € 100 k from     
each partner country. The research projects financed under this call must be limited to a total     
duration of 12 months.This call has to be considered as the first budget-limited call of the     
The call is open to legal entities eligible to participate in the RTD programmes run by the     
SNOWMAN research funders. Participants should build a trans-national research consortium     
involving at least two independent legal entities from at least two of the SNOWMAN partner     
countries listed below. A consortium agreement should be established before the projects     
can start.     
Procedure / information /schedule     
Applicants Guide, Application Form:     
This call will be open between December 1 st 2006 and February 28 th 2007, 17h.     
Results of the selection process will be known at the latest on June 1 st 2007.     
SNOWMAN Secretariat Tel.: +49 340 2103 3026     
Mr. Arnd Wieland, II 4.3 Fax: +49 340 2104 3026     
c/o Umweltbundesamt Dessau     
P.O. Box 1406     
D-06813 Dessau, Germany 
further details as well about the funding organisations 125. KB (PDF)
Posted: 01/12/2006 By: Mr Jörg Frauenstein