Launch of the LQM/CIEH Generic Assessment Criteria;
screening levels for use in human health risk assessment
of land contamination in the UK (To be held at CIEH,
London on the 27th November 2006)
In July 2006 LQM and CIEH facilitated a unique workshop at the University of Nottingham which resulted in the development of generic assessment criteria (GAC) 
compliant with UK policy and guidance for use in generic quantitative human health risk assessment. The workshop brought together a number of practitioners from both the public and private sector who sourced contaminant specific toxicological and physico-chemical
input data for use in the derivation of the GAC using the CLEA-UK (beta) risk assessment tool. The delegates were guided in their preparation and during the workshop by LQM staff, who have also subjected the workshop outputs to rigorous review and prepared
them for publication. This event marks the launch of the joint LQM and CIEH publication which includes GAC values for over 30 substances together with the underlying basis for their
derivation including the fate and transport and toxicity input values. It is hoped that this publication will assist the wider contaminated land community in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in their day-to-day
work in the management of land contamination. Go to ... for the event brochure and booking form.
Posted: 01/11/2006 By: Dr Richard Ogden