UK: The Environment Agency has formally withdrawn
the CLEA 2002 software
Dated: 9 October 2006   
From CLEA News Web Page: ...   
The Environment Agency has formally withdrawn the CLEA 2002 software. Launched in 2002 with the original CLR technical package, the software is no longer 
compliant with current technical guidance (for example, Briefing Notes 1 to 4) and lacks the versatility of the more recent CLEA UK beta version 1.0. Since its release in November 2005, feedback from CLEA UK beta users has suggested that this software has performed effectively in the majority of cases.
It is therefore recommended by the Environment Agency for use in human health risk assessment in conjunction with advice found on our CLEA web pages. CLEA UK is an aid to decision-making and does not replace the need for sound professional judgement in risk assessment. The Environment Agency will consider the formal status of the CLEA UK beta software following the review of Soil Guideline Values being undertaken by Defra.
It is currently anticipated that changes may need to be made to the existing software to comply with the Way Forward approach.
Posted: 31/10/2006 By: Professor Paul Bardos