National Contaminated Land Management Information
The amount of Country information posted to EUGRIS has been expanding.  The EC funding for EUGRIS supported the inclusion of national information for six Member 
States: * Denmark * France * Germany * Hungary * Italy * United Kingdom For each of these countries, EUGRIS contains general summaries of contaminated land managment information about: * Management / administration * Maps * Statistics and related * Policy and regulatory * Funding. Over 2005/6 EUGRIS partners have also been adding more detailed information for specific subtopics in each country, for example: * Brownfields * Contaminated land (and further subtopics) * Groundwater protection (and further subtopics) These subpages are now near complete for: France, Hungary and UK, and partially complete for Germany. Work continues, but EUGRIS hopes this interim status will be useful. To view country information on EUGRIS, go to: ... You can navigate country pages using the navigation box on the left hand side of the screen. If you work for a responsible national agency and would like to arrange for information from your country to be included in national pages on EUGRIS, please
contact us for further information ( ... Please note this is not a free service.
Posted: 23/10/2006 By: Professor Paul Bardos