The SNOWMAN ERANET call for research proposals
Sustainable management of soil and groundwater pollution

The SNOWMAN ERANET expects in August 2006 to announce a research call, with an        
anticipated total budget of EUR 700.000. It will be open to trans-national research consortia        
involving partners from at least two of the SNOWMAN partner countries listed below. Project        
duration will be approx. 12 months.        
Topic areas for the call will include principles and tools for sustainable land management, soil        
system processes, and the application of sustainable technologies to land remediation.        
Further description of the topic areas, and SNOWMAN itself can be found at the project        
Funding for the coordinated call will be subdivided into national contributions, financed by        
national funding organisations and based on their own existing funding rules.         
A further announcement containing full details of the call and an applicants guide will shortly        
be published, subject to final approval by the European Commission. Interested        
organisations starting the process of preparation of a proposal do so at their own risk.        
A Helpdesk for the execution of the call will be provided by the SNOWMAN secretariat at:        
SNOWMAN Secretariat        
Mr. Arnd Wieland, II 4.3        
c/o Umweltbundesamt Dessau        
P.O. Box 1406        
D-06813 Dessau        
Tel.: +49 340 2103 3026, Fax: +49 340 2104 3026        
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Posted: 13/06/2006 By: Mr Jörg Frauenstein