WATER AND SOIL TIMES - Issue 18 May 2006
FP6 - Water cycle and Soil related aspects - Results of the 4th Call for proposals - New instruments    
The entire evaluation process of the call FP6-2005-Global 4 including the second stage procedure for New Instruments is now completed.    
Two new Integrated Projects totalling an EC grant of 17 Mio€ are proposed for selection.    
The topics for research addressed by these two projects of 4 years duration each are respectively:    
- Global Water Cycle, Water Resources and Droughts    
- Water scenarios for Europe and for neighbouring countries    
More detailed information about the two projects has been compiled within the catalogue of projects resulting from the Global 4 call, available at the address: 
http://forum.europa.eu.int/Public/irc/ ... European Institutions: Change of web sites and contacts e-mail addresses The presence of the European Institutions in the Internet will migrate as of May 9th, 2006 from the previous addressing space of “.eu.int” to the new domain
name “.europa.eu”. The new address for the Commission web site is “ec.europa.eu”. This change has an impact on the way how electronic mailboxes are configured. The usual personal mailbox address format was forename.name@cec.eu.int. The
new address format to be used is forename.name@ec.europa.eu Compatibility services will be ensured during a transition period of 12 months (until May 8th, 2007) The specific CORDIS server (Community Research & Development Information Service) has also moved from http://www.cordis.lu to http://cordis.europa.eu
“Science for Environmental Policy' DG Environment News Alert Service The service was established in order to reinforce the links between science and policy. It provides scientific information in the field of the main themes
of the Environmental Action Programme and relevant to DG Environment policy priorities in support of the knowledge based approach. For more information please visit the following site: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/integr ... Integrated Project on Integrated Urban Water Management: SWITCH - Sustainable Water management Improves Tomorrow’s Cities’ Health The SWITCH kick-off meeting took place at Unesco-IHE, Delft, The Netherlands between 18-21 April 2006. This 5 year (2006-2011), 32 partner, 22 Mio€ project (of which 14,75 Mio€ are financed through the 6th Community Framework Programme), will develop, apply
and demonstrate a range of solutions for sustainable urban water management in 9 cities: Accra (Ghana), Alexandria (Egypt), Tel Aviv (Israel), Beijing (China),
Bogotá (Colombia), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Birmingham (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Lodz (Poland) and Zaragoza (Spain). In each demonstration city a Learning
Alliance will be established. SWITCH covers six themes: Urban water paradigm shift, Storm water management, Efficient water supply and water use for all,
Rational water use, (eco-)sanitation and waste management, Urban water environments and planning, Governance and institutional change For more info contact: SWITCH secretariat, c/o UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, switch@unesco-ihe.org , Temporary website & general info: http://www.unesco-ihe.org/switch; http://www.unesco-ihe.org/downloads/swit ... http://www.unesco-ihe.org/vmp/articles/N ...
Scientific Support to policy: AQUAMONEY - Development and Testing of Practical Guidelines for the Assessment of Environmental and Resource Costs and
Benefits in the Water Framework Directive (WFD)
The Aquamoney kick-off meeting took place at IVL, Amsterdam between 04 and 06 April 2006 AquaMoney aims to provide an authoritative guideline for the assessment of environmental and resource costs and benefits, providing a set of practical,
readily applicable recommendations for the valuation of the benefits of the implementation of the WFD in particular. AquaMoney will focus on the assessment of the economic value of reaching good ecological status and on how to use this assessment in practical decision-making
related to article 4 and 9 in the WFD. The AquaMoney case studies will be carried out in order to test 1) the key methodological issues in water valuation, for which to date no practical guidelines
exist; 2) the transferability of these economic values across time, place, water bodies and basins and assess the errors associated with benefits transfer
as an alternative valuation method and 3) Conducting original valuation work in the case studies is instrumental to these objectives. For more info contact: Dr. Roy Brouwer, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), The Netherlands, E-mail: roy.brouwer@ivm.vu.nl Temporary website: http://www.brgm.fr/Fichiers/europe/AQUAM ... EURODEMO – demonstration project database goes public EURODEMO, the European Co-ordination Action for demonstration of efficient soil and groundwater remediation, funded by the EU RTD Framework Programme,
is now publishing its database for demonstration and pilot projects in the field of innovative soil and groundwater remediation technologies. This database
is accessible via the EURODEMO homepage www.eurodemo.info . By compiling innovative remediation applications the spreading of knowledge of stakeholders
on demonstrated technologies is supported, and, thus, confidence in innovative technology applications is raised. The database is interactive, i.e., it
offers the possibility to access and provide information on recent and ongoing pilot and demonstration projects. For more information please visit www.eurodemo.info and/or attend the planned thematic and promotion workshops in Vilnius, LT, Sept 14-15, 2006, and Rimini,
IT, Nov 8-11, 2006. Contact: Yvonne Spira (Yvonne.Spira@umweltbundesamt.at) Umweltbundesamt / Austrian Federal Environment Agency. SedNet booklet “Contaminated Sediments in European River Basins” SedNet is the European network aimed at incorporating sediment issues and knowledge into European strategies to support the achievement of a good environmental
status and to develop new tools for sediment management. The SedNet booklet is now available for download under the following link: http://www.sednet.org/component/option ... “Water, Time and European Cities – History matters for the Futures” issued by the FP5 WaterTime project The book was produced as a part of the WaterTime project funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5). It is a study covering
a field of cultural diversity. It presents chronological evolution of water and sanitation services in 29 European cities. The cases refer to local arrangements
for the establishment and exploitation of complex water and sanitation systems in fast-changing urban environments. The publication is available for download under the following link: http://www.watertime.net/Docs/WP3/WTEC ... Invitation to researchers from the New Member States, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania : Integration4Water Workshop Event, a preparation for FP7, Warsaw,
Poland, 2-4 June 2006
The EU FP6 project Integration4Water (http://www.integration4water.org) is aiming at stimulating the participation of the research teams from the New
Member States (NMS) and Accession Candidate Countries (ACC) in the projects of the RTD Framework Programmes. The objectives for
Posted: 12/05/2006 By: Mr Jörg Frauenstein