Seminar, Trends in environmental Technology 'Removal
and recovery of metals' June 15, Wageningen, The Netherlands
Heavy metals are among the most frequent inorganic pollutants of water and soil in Europe. Removal of these contaminants within the contest of the European 
legislation is highly required. Stringent emission standards as well as a continuing search for more cost-effective methods have generated a need to explore diverse and adequate methods
for metal removal. For all heavy metals a wide range of toxicity effects may occur if they are present in too large bioavailable quantities. On the other hand, some heavy metals
are essential as trace element for growth and preservation of organisms. Thus, biotechnological processes that use microorganisms as catalysts are highly
dependent on the presence of metals for their optimal performance. Essential metals may be too poorly bioavailable, in which case deficiency effects may occur.
This has been demonstrated for activated sludge, denitrifying and methanogenic systems. The symposium will overview innovative biotechnology based processes for removal and/or recovery of metals. Key factors that need to be well understood
such as metal speciation and bioavailability will also be discussed. Companies will present practical experiences. This symposium will represent an opportunity for discussion about various innovative research aspects of environmental chemistry, environmental engineering
and bioprocess technology amongst professionals as well as young researchers and PhD students. Tentative Program 9:00 Opening of the day Piet Lens (Environmental Technology, WUR) Chairman: Erwin Temminghof (Soil Quality, WUR) 9:15 Key note speaker: Biotechnological removal of metals Ludo Diels (VITO, B) 9:45 Essential metal requirement in anaerobic wastewater treatment Fernando G. Fermoso (Environmental Technology, WUR) 10:15 Speciation and bioavailability of metals in UASB granules Eric van Hullebusch (Univ. Marne la Vallée, F) 10:45 Coffee break Chairman: Karel Keesman (Systems and Control Group, WUR) 11:15 Metal removal via sulfide precipitation Ricardo Sampaio (Environmental Technology, WUR) 11:45 Process integration in the metal processing industry Cris Copini (Zinifex, Budel, NL) 12:15 Lunch + posters session Chairman: Fons Stams (Microbiology, WUR) 14:00 Key note speaker: Bioreduction of metals Jon Llyod (Univ. Manchester, UK) 14:30 Selenium removal from wastewater Markus Lenz (Environmental Technology, WUR) 15:00 Coffee break Chairman: Herman van Leeuwen (Colloid Chemistry, WUR) 15:45 Ecotoxicological assessment of effluents from non-ferrous metals refining plants Eric Van Den Broeck (Umicore, B) 16:15 Environmental bioprocess engineering for recovery and control of metals Jaakko Puhahka (Univ. Tampere, FIN) Admission free, but registration is necessary by fax or e-mail to: Isabella Manconi Sub-department of Environmental Technology Wageningen University Fax : +31-317-482108 e-mail:
Posted: 03/05/2006 By: Isabella Manconi